Refreshment experts ready to transform your Chesapeake and Hampton Roads break room with better products and quality service.

Go local with Cardinal

Improve employee morale with services that double as benefits

Our consultative approach to vending machines, office coffee and micro-markets
makes us stand out in the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.

For 20 years we have been providing at-work food, snacks, and drinks to our neighbors and friends in the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads. Our consultative approach to delivering customized, full service refreshment solutions has earned us the best reputation in the area for vending machines, office coffee service and micro-markets. We serve our customers better because of a local dedication to superior quality service and the backing of a large national coporation, which lets us deliver a mix of today’s trendy products as well as technologically advanced equipment. It transforms your break area into a benefit that attracts and retains employees.

Mobile pay made easy

Our equipment offers the ease of paying with a mobile device through a secure and simple platform.

Up-to-the-minute reports

Through connected vending machines and kiosks, we know exactly what is selling at your location.

Modern vending machines

All our equipment is state-of-the-art in order to deliver a truly positive refreshment experience.

Keeping things new

We invest in the latest logistic and warehouse technology to improve our level of service to our customers.

Innovators in refreshment services design and creating related employee benefits

Eco-friendly initiatives

We make special efforts to be green, such as with efficiencies in delivery which lead to lower emissions.

Rival the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads coffeeshop at work

Tea, coffee, and coffee-based drinks are the norm in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads businesses, but Cardinal Canteen can help you set your office coffee service solution apart. Invigorate ideas, inspire collaboration, and invite social gatherings with a higher quality beverage experience that makes your break room more of a workplace cafe. It not only keeps your employees on site, increasing productivity, but changes the office culture and acts as a valued employee perk.

Experience today’s best variety of services

Coffee service in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads

With micro-markets you get more

The open design and touchscreen kiosk means more products, promotions, and payment options for your employees.

Chesapeake and Hampton Roads micro-markets

Enjoy customized beverages

Cardinal Canteen’s office coffee service includes options that deliver espresso, coffee, and specialty drinks on site.

Pantry service in a Chesapeake and Hampton Roads office

Reward employees with refreshment

Hire us to stock your break area or kitchen with a mix of products, including healthy items, to raise corporate morale.

Vending machines in a Chesapeake and Hampton Roads break room

Smart vending machines

Gain the convenience of popular snacks and beverages in your location paired with dynamic, superior service.

Employees in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads
 office enjoying refreshments

Complete line of services for business

In the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads area, we offer consulting services to support a full range of refreshment and break area solutions.

Go with a local company that has the experience and drive to make your break room a powerful employee benefit -- Cardinal Canteen at 757.485.0051;