A better service experience starts with the right technology investments

Upgrade your service

Enhanced payment systems and product management

We place only the most technologically advanced vending machines in the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.

More efficient warehouse. Using Lightspeed technology in our warehouse ensures more accurate and faster stocking at each location.

Sales data per item. WIth newer technology in place, we can record and analyze all our product sales data down to the item level.

Lower emissions. Using technology, Cardinal Canteen is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and working for a greener world.

Prekitting systems By gathering products for your location before we leave the warehouse, it’s more timely and efficient.

Snack vending machines in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads

We place upgraded vending machines at Chesapeake and Hampton Roads locations, including mobile payments and online capabilities.

Connected equipment. Vending machines and micro-market kiosks use wireless technology to report real-time sales data.

Guaranteed products. Infrared sensors included in our vending machines sense if a product is delivered, triggering a refund if not.

Eco-lighting. We have replaced fluorescent tube lighting with safer, low power LED lights that are still bright and inviting. .

Pay by phone. No more digging for change or cards, just use your mobile device to make a purchase via the PayRange app.

Product accuracy from warehouse to your house

Experience a better level of service

Cardinal Canteen works to constantly enhance the value of our services to Chesapeake and Hampton Roads customers.

  • Pay by card

    Our vending machines and micro-markets accept credit cards and debit cards.

  • Mobile pay

    Make your purchase easy by using mobile payments from your phone.

  • Energy savings

    All equipment bares the Energy Star logo and energy saving standards.

  • All wireless

    We remotely monitor vending machines and micro-markets for up to the minute data.

  • Delivery sensors

    Infrared sensors monitor if a product is dispensed, and if not, refund money instantly.

  • Sustainable efforts

    We recycle wherever we can, from cans and bottles to pallets of cardboard packaging.

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